JAYE JAYLE – Live at Zollkantine Bremen 4/20/2019

JAYE JAYLE – Live at Zollkantine Bremen 4/20/2019 Jaye Jayle has evolved into a captivating persona alterna for the Louisville-based singer-guitarist Evan Patterson. Imbuing negative space with hallucinatory mantras, Patterson has embraced his strengths as a storyteller while trekking into thickets of unmarked sonic terrain. With his cohorts Todd Cook on bass, Neal Argabright on drums, and Corey Smith on auxiliary instrumentation, Jaye Jayle unfurls a tapestry of neo-folk economy, krautrock-esque repetition, skid row’s darkest blues, Midwestern indie rock’s nihilism, and Tangerine Dream’s analog oscillations.

  • Evan Patterson – vocal/guitar/synthesizer
  • Todd Cook – bass
  • Neal Argabright – drums/cymbals
  • Corey Smith – synthesizer/percussion/guitar/vocal


  • Songs played:
  • As Soon As Night
  • Ode To Betsy
  • Cemetery Rain
  • House Cricks
  • Low Again Street
  • Snake Bite
  • Heaven is Cold
  • Sculpting / TwoHeaded Crow

Video by EmotionVFX/Marco Fleischhut